Thursday, April 21, 2011

new tools

Remember my broom?
Of course you remember my broom.
when the pantry started coming together,
I decided to finally get a new one.
A pretty one, even.
the broom choice was easy.

Since I had a new broom,
of course I would need a new dust pan....

and had 'til the end of March to spend it.
I spent way to much time shopping,
but had a hard time figuring out just what to buy.
Then I remembered I wanted a new dustpan.
Preferably red.
Wouldn't that have been so cute??
I couldn't find a red one,
but I did find this awesome metal one

Doesn't it have a fantastic shape?
I figured I'd just spray paint it red...
Tickled, I ordered it
- and a loaf pan especially for making lemon cake -
for free :-)
(thanks, 'Net and CSN stores!)
I excitedly waited for my dust pan.
It had those lovely crinkly corners.
Yes, I am weird. Why do you ask??
Then, one day,
the UPS man brought me a very large box.
"What could be in such a big box?" the children wondered.
They weren't alone; I was curious myself.
We opened it
the biggest dang dustpan you ever did see!

'Freakishly large'
I believe is how Tyler described it.
He actually felt a bit sorry for me;
I'd been so excited about my cute new dustpan...

cute, it's not
but it can hold it's own against all our dirt.


  1. oh my gosh, I got tears coming out from laughing so hard! Thats hilarious! enjoy your new dust collector!


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