Friday, April 22, 2011


...and listening

...and reading.
You want to know the must-read version of the crucifixion?
pages 286-309 of  the Jesus Storybook Bible.
I can't read it without crying.
I pre-read this afternoon,
 in a thoroughly unsuccessful attempt to keep the tears at bay.
Jeremiah said,
"Mom, you know the rest of the story; you don't need to cry!"
But I just can't help it.
The boys were kinda bummed
that we didn't make an Easter Mountain.
I hadn't realized it was so important to them;
we'll definitely have to make that happen next year.

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  1. that is an awesome telling of the story. makes me cry too, i've been crying as i read it to Aiden and Kieron this week. not sobbing, but we only read one chapter at a time. Haven't read the resurrection yet, but Sunday's coming :D (we won't wait until then, though.)


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