Saturday, April 16, 2011

who slept 12 hours last night?

That's right. Twelve hours!
I took the pain pill
that I'd said he needn't bother writing a script for
and a muscle relaxer - that I was perfectly fine with taking
and slept 12 hours.
And then,
because that wasn't nearly enough,
after a couple hours,
I went back to bed and I slept 5 hours more. 
I would've slept longer, but it was time for a late dinner;
and I'm sure not one to miss a meal.


  1. It sounds like you probably needed it! It takes me forever to fall asleep....but I would love to have 12 hours of non waking. I wake up every two hours like clock work.

  2. So glad you got some sleep - hope the sleep and muscle relaxer helps your back!

  3. YAY YOU!! You know, your body needs rest to heal, so it is just as well. Hope you are feeling better!!

  4. I think you were needing some rest. The kids told us on Sunday that you were seeing the Back doctor... Had such a solemn look on their faces. I'm just down the road if you need something!


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