Tuesday, April 5, 2011

just a few more

...more pictures, that is.
From my Saturday nature nap...

shot at 300 mm - just before it was blown to bits
shot... blown to bits...    haha   I tickle myself far too easily
It's an extra busy week here;
we've got to get Tony's graduation invitations finished
and in the mail.
The printer is giving us fits, 
so we'll need to address them by hand.
I realize that's the proper thing to do,
but golly;
our entire family is cursed with lousy handwriting.
They'd just look so much nicer
not to mention, more legible
done on the computer.
We also need to turn in his video in 9 days
and we haven't even started going through pictures yet.

I still need to get the pantry organized & filled
(and the mini pantry needs to be finished. ahem)
and the kitchen re-organized
and I'm attempting to take it easy 
to allow my back to heal, too.

fresh from nap ~ and who does Lex' want?? Brandon!

Oh, and we've got an appt. with the lawyer
in NWA Friday
which'll pretty much take up that whole day.

Sure hope I'm not forgetting anything....

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  1. Tights, toes and tulle. (Well, maybe that's not tulle, but it sure sounded good.)
    All these photos are great!!
    Thanks for sharing and making me laugh!


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