Thursday, April 14, 2011

in the nick of time

To say I was completely stressed
would be an understatement.

With the exception of taking Tuesday evening off,
to spend it with my hunk of a husband,
I have done nothing
since Sunday
look at pictures
and (starting yesterday)
work on the slideshow / video
that is due today.
That's not entirely true.
Monday,  Brandon and I worked a bit on the girls' room;
we fixed them up a proper closet-type space 
over their bed
complete with a shelf and 5 ft hanging rod,
touched up the paint,
added a plywood back to their shelf unit
to replace the cardboard 
that's been falling down for the past year
and covered 2 foam insulation boards with a vintage sheet.

But besides that - nothing but photos.
It's pure torture to reduce a life to a mere 76 photos.
I told Lana I didn't remember it being so hard
the last 2 times - she assured me it was!
Did I mention I am mentally and emotionally exhausted?
And the poor little ones ~ they've just had it!

But - it is finished!
Just in the nick of time.
Luke and Lana came over to help last night
after I called, begging Luke to help me w/ the music.
I was just wanting a phone consultation,
but they offered to come over.
And bring ice-cream.
I would have been a fool to say 'no'!
At one point, we had four laptops on the table.
I think we are all quite pleased with the end result.
It's nothing fancy,
but I think the composition is somewhat artistic
and it represents who Tony is.
Luke did a fabulous job panning & zooming
and tweaking the music
while Lana helped arrange the pictures
and she took one photo
(which really - isn't a good one, but it's so sweet)
and moved it to the end
"as sort of a goodbye".
It's perfect there, but now I can't look at it 
without choking back sobs.

I can't tell you how relieved I am that the video is finished.
that it isn't crap!!


  1. i forgot to say how cute i thought the boards were! they look great.
    i'm pretty happy with the video too. i guess i agree that ending with elmo wasn't a perfect ending ;) i'm glad we could help, it was kinda fun.
    love you! :*

  2. oh, the plywood back on the shelves, i didn't even notice that (i only peeked in briefly). i'm jealous ;) the whole closet thing looks good!


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