Thursday, April 21, 2011

the midlife

Lily and Lexi often pretend to be somebody (or something).
I'm amazed at Lexi's ability to stay in character.
I guess now that she's two, it isn't such a big deal,
but she was doing it at 18 months, too.
I was Lexi and she was Momma.
It was nap-time, and she was running her mouth
so I said, "Momma, you should be quiet so we can go to sleep."
She looked at me and said, "Lexi!" with 3 syllables
as if she had just had it with me.

The other day, 
Lexi was Aiden;
I was Lana and Tyler was Luke.
(she isn't content to pretend herself; we must all join in the facade)
I asked Lily who she was.
"Oh, I'm the midlife," she responded with a sweet smile.
"The midwife?" I asked. 
"Yeah. The midlife. I help Lana with Kieron.
That's what a midlife does.
Helps people with babies."

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