Saturday, April 23, 2011

made by me

I really, and I mean really
wanted to sew something yesterday.
Didn't even matter what; I just wanted to make something.
It's been way too long...
But no particular fabric was calling me. 
And I wasn't eager to make clean up the mess I'd make anyways.
So I just decided not to do any creating.

My mini pantry is finally finished (thanks, everyone!)
so I was wandering around the kitchen
still trying  to think through
where everything should go.
I was thinking
(or as Marcos would say, I was 'analyzing')
maybe I could put the silverware back in the cabinet.
It's been on the counter for the past couple of years
which does work just fine,
but I'm sort of in 'get the stuff off the countertops' mode.
That reminded me 
that I'd been wanting something different for the silverware.
Currently it's in glasses in a basket
which is great, fit-wise,
but not so great in that those glasses break
if people are less than gentle in putting flatware away.

All that to say
I made something after all - just not with fabric.
I made a box! A divided silverware box!

My kids will recognize the wood;
it's salvaged from the top section of the old entertainment center.
I still have to paint it.
I was undecided about  that, but these photos have swayed me.

I used some of Tyler's awesome tools.

It's kinda funny - I never want to try them,
then somebody will force me to against my will
and what do you know?
They aren't so scary after all.

I've been using the circular saw for years, so that's really no biggie

The nail gun is amazing.
We use it every chance we get.
I asked Tyler why we've had to live all these years without it.

My family was appropriately impressed with this project :-)
Me? I'm positively giddy with my success.

Last night
- without any arguing on my part -
Tyler taught me how to use the miter saw.


  1. you are so fabulously awesome! look at you go! makes me want to learn how to use those "scary" power tools! maybe more would get done around here!

  2. Such bravery! Such skill!
    And I'm impressed Tyler let you touch his power tools. He's a great man.
    What do you plan to put in the bottom of it so that it doesn't get dinged?

  3. Proud of you for doing something outside your comfort zone! Great job! I can't wait to see your new area finished. It's been WAY too long!

  4. Kaylana ~ you have to remember, I am more like Nate; Tyler is more like you.... ;-)
    hmmm. dings. hadn't really thought about it, although I suspect some padded shelf paper would do fine in the bottom (and would be a nice little surprise, if ever it were spotted :-)


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