Monday, March 28, 2011

I got skillz

The mini pantry,
which runs along the 'hallway' 
connecting the bunkhouse to the kitchen,
has been pretty much ignored.
Except for when it's been a tool receptacle.

But now that the real pantry is ready to be 
yucked up with our stuff filled up,
I sorta needed the mini pantry ready, too.
I have this insane need to only put things away
one time
which means I spend an obsessive amount of time
about what should go where.
In order to figure out what goes where in the pantry,
I had to know what all I could fit in the mini pantry.
Makes perfect sense to me...

Like I said, though,
the mini pantry wasn't getting any love.
So, Thursday night,
I left a note for the boys
asking them to drywall it.
Friday morning, Tony got after it for me.
Except that he was feeling miserable.
And the pantry isn't exactly completely square.
I did what any mom would do;
(attempting to ignore the persistent and increasingly worse back pain...)
I helped.
Put up drywall.
And then I just sort of took over.
That's right!
All by myself
I hung drywall!!
And then,
since it needed mudding
and all other available workers were in the loft
doing some essential job that obviously required all five of them
(T was here ~ yay!)
I did that, too!

My family is not appropriately impressed with my skillz.
Most likely something to do with the fact
that even the 5 and 7 year olds have helped hang drywall
and can 'pudd' with the best of them.
And the 12 & 18 year olds have done more drywalling
than many grown men.


  1. Well, as a now-veteran 'pudder' who still finds it very difficult (and I'm not sure I could even do drywall without Tony helping me ;-)), I'm impressed, Momma! :-) Can't wait to see you guys again and check out the new digs!

  2. *wild applause coming from my neck of the woods* I'm itching to come over and see the progress, but want to bring something worthwhile to show you... Soon!

  3. *I* am impressed :D
    so excted to see it - we ARE invited over for lil's b-day right?

  4. the momma's momma says," looks like a great job to me!!"
    Way to go Tracy!! I don't thinks there is anything you can't do!!
    Love you,


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