Tuesday, March 29, 2011

the rest of the story

To fully appreciate the significance of my last post,
we need to go back....
way back...
When I was young,
I thought I could pretty much do anything.
And not only do it, but do it well.

I could cook.
I was great with kids.
I was only a mediocre basketball player,
but what I lacked in ball-handling skills
I made up in speed and aggression,
so I was a pretty great asset defensively.
Which, in my humble opinion,
more than compensated for my measly 2 or 4 points a game.
I was thrifty.
I was smart.
I was amazing in my short working-girl career.
(it's been rumored I was pretty cute in my uniform, too)
I was a fairly good wife and a fun mom.
I could handle a needle and thread just fine.
I was no slouch with finances, either.

And then,
we bought a house.
A house that needed some remodeling done.
But I wasn't a bit worried about it
could do anything.
And goodness knows, Tyler could, too!

We bought drywall to replace some highly flammable something
that was currently on the walls in one of the rooms.
And I found out real quick
that I couldn't drive a nail 
to save my life!
I was shocked!
I was
I had never before - to my recollection -
been able to do something I tried to do.

And so for fifteen years, 
I never attempted to hang drywall
until last Friday.

And now you know
of the story.


  1. And how many years has that been? (I'm sorry to remind you...)
    You're making steady progress. Keep it up!!

  2. Oh! I just saw that you wrote 15 years. opps. I read too fast. Samuel just asked if I wanted to wake up. umm... yeah. I suppose I should.

  3. well, I think you can do anything! It looks great! Hooray!!! and about your back....have you been to the chiropractor or anything? (where's the spell check?)you shouldn't have to suffer so! back pain stinks!love you!


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