Sunday, March 27, 2011

goodbye Behbeh

She's been sayin' it for 12 months
give or take a few,
and then
out of the blue
and without warning,
Lex' said, "Behbeh"
for the very last time yesterday.
Now, she simply says, "Brandon".
We've tried several times to get her to say her bub's name
 the 'old way',
but she just won't.
That tiny piece of her is gone forever.
I love that she's growing up,
but it's always bittersweet
when she outgrows a 'baby' thing.


  1. Always great to see how they are changing and growing, but don't we love to hold onto those cute things they do. They looked so cute yesterday! Did you see me mentally waving at you from the stage? I was, I was! Love you QL!!!

  2. Oh how sweet! We're still trying to decipher all the meanings for 'bah' - which can be la ba (over there - in French) or ball. Forget real words aside from 'car'.
    Said child just dumped the salt into his glass and pitcher of water. Oh, 'no' is pretty clear too.


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