Monday, March 7, 2011

have I ever mentioned

 how very much I love this girl??      

She took a break from picking to show me her lovely flowers
and then dashed back out to gather more.
I was overcome with love
as I watched that flash of color run out the door
and just had to grab the camera and follow.
I probably should have accepted her invitation
to join her in flower picking.
Instead, I ran back in the house to record.

Ginny wrote a post today about her 5 year old  daughter;
Change a few details - and I could have written it myself.
Her Larkspur and our Lily sound so very much alike.

and full of exuberant joy.

If ever there were a child without a sin nature,
it'd be Lily.
Please don't consider that blasphemy;
I know everyone has a sin nature....
Hers is just tinier than most people's.

She is so forgiving
and kind
and gentle.
She loves unconditionally.
On the rare occasion that any 'ugliness' comes from her,
it is
almost without exception
 something that she has observed in me,
I'm very sad to say.

Lily ~ how you bless us!
Momma is so thankful for you!!
And I love your sideways socks ;-)


  1. and she does have quite the fashion sense too! love those bright colors and love that sweet little girl!

  2. Precious, sweet Lily girl!!

    Lord Bless You!!



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