Tuesday, March 22, 2011

cubby hole

I'm almost hesitant to fill this space up;
with Lex' playing in there,
it reminds me very much of Gramma Joyce's cubby hole.

Maybe I can leave a shelf or two open??
(maybe I can paint that nasty step ladder, too!!)


  1. it does look like a special little place to play-like Grandma Joyce's cubby hole!! 2 shelves would be good.


  2. that would be very sweet and generous of you! how cute! and oh, those memories! at least you will still have that little extra space then in case you ever need it really bad!

  3. Hey!! I will try to contact you on FB too, but how many yards did you need to make Lana's BD suit? Mom is going to make me one and wants to know!! :o)


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