Tuesday, March 1, 2011

meeting Baby Kieron

I was still at the computer
having just finished paying the bills 
when she called.

Some women talk about how hard it is 
to watch your daughter go through labor.

I got to be at the hospital
when my mom had my youngest brother.
I guess I was about 14.
In my opinion,
watching your momma labor
is much harder.

Isn't she such a pretty laboring momma??

Lana labors well;
I'm sure that makes it easier on me.
I also think that it's in part due to the fact
that some of my own babies
are still babies.
The prize
is still fresh in my memory.
(never mind that I didn't get to labor with the last four...)

It helps, too, that
Shelley is an amazing midwife.

When Lana started wearing out
and told us she just couldn't do it;
we told her she could.
And she believed us.
And she did it.

Kieron Tyler      02-28-2011    8 lbs 3 oz      19 3/4 inches long  

I was positioned in the pool with Lana & Shelley
to catch the baby;
but that didn't happen - it went rather fast there in the end.
It was all good, though;
I got to wrap his first blanket around him
before I passed him off to his momma
surrounded by love.

Welcome to the world, Kieron!!

You are loved!!


  1. When you have your own children you are sure there is nothing better than to labor and deliver your child into this world..but when you see and hold that brand new grandbaby...it just takes your breath away. Congratulations on this beautiful new little miracle.

  2. Awwww! It's it sweet - new life so fresh from God! I'm so thrilled for you that you were able to be there to welcome him to the world. Congratulations!!! Looking forward to hearing more about him very soon!

  3. precious, awesome, beautiful tiny person from Jesus enters the world!!! Just like He did!! God bless you, Kieron! Jesus loves you and we do,too!

  4. Oh tears of such sweet happiness and joy! Love to all!

  5. What a beautiful post! I'm so happy for you all. He is so handsome and I'm glad all went smoothly. What an amazing young lady Lana is!


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