Friday, March 11, 2011

what's in my closet?

Since we house nine people
(five of them full-sized)
I'm pretty good at getting rid of stuff,
but somehow
there's still always more that can go.

and when Tsh revealed the hot spot
I really wasn't sure I'd have much to weed out;
I go through my clothes regularly!

I've got four 21 1/4 inch shelves
one 27" x 17" drawer
3 feet of closet space
for my entire wardrobe - for 4 seasons.
My lifestyle doesn't really require many clothes
so I'm usually pretty content with what I've got
(provided I have at least one decent fitting pair of jeans)
(there's always an 'except' isn't there?)
when we have an event that's out of the ordinary.
Then I tend to get in a tizzy....

oh ~ almost forgot,
I also have a 15 x 10 x 12 inch basket
for my jammies and Cuddle Duds.

I decided to be ruthless
and ended up with a whole box of giveaway clothes and shoes
and surprisingly,
a small bag of actual trash.
I'll never understand that one!
In my defense, though, most of the trash
was boxes I'd saved 
- you know - just in case....

I put all of the girl's dresses in their room
and suddenly,
I had margin in my closet!
I'd prefer a little more margin in my time
but hey - I'll take margin anywhere I can get it.

I have a feeling
the other Hot Spots won't be quite so easy for me,
but this challenge, I rather enjoyed.
Thanks, Tsh, for encouraging us 


  1. Kudos to you... under 1000sqft, that's a true tackle. We accumulate so much stuff in this life, it feels so freeing to rid ourselves of it and purge! We should all organize for 1000 sqft, whether we actually have more or not! You are inspiring!


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