Sunday, February 27, 2011

grabbed by God

(alternately titled: why we keep our kids in church with us...)

Jeremiah told us this evening 
that he got 'grabbed by God' this morning.

The sermon was on Noah's Ark
well, actually it had more to do with the rainbow
but still the whole story was covered.
Jeremiah said that as he was listening to Paul talk,
he realized that we were all related,
and he believed in God.
He said he felt God grab him.
Tyler asked if it was like a hug
and he answered,
"God just grabbed me all over and now I believe."
When he prayed before dinner this evening
one of the things he said was,
 "...and thank you for bringing me to love You."

Suddenly all the years of fighting with kids in church
missing most of the service due to the training of children
are paying off.

God, just keep grabbin' us!

oh - and the rainbow?
It isn't a reminder for us;
It's a reminder for God.


  1. 'God just grabbed me' - i love it :D

  2. So glad to see another family who keeps their kids in the service with them... isn't it sad how many blessings most families are missing out on with an age-segregated church?!

  3. What a wonderful experience of God's love to you, Jeremiah!! You described it very well!! You touched my heart, too! Thank you!!

  4. Hugs from heaven are VERY good!
    Thats wonderful!

  5. Praise the Lord! I'm' so happy for that darling little Jeremiah!


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