Tuesday, February 15, 2011

v day recap

It's no secret I'm not into Hallmark Holidays.
somehow I ended up doing heart-y stuff for the kiddos.

would you look at that ~ a heart shaped air bubble in my bread!

In addition to the festive sparkly playdough, 
we had heart shaped sandwiches
and Purple Cows
for lunch
(grape juice concentrate made with milk instead of water)
and dinner was 
heart shaped pizzas.

The element on the oven went out
somewhere between pre-cooking the crusts
and putting the pizzas in to bake.
I was ready to cry
when Tyler suggested using the broiler.
Which worked just fine.
You are a genius, My Love!

This was the first time Marcos made  pizza;

it was almost 2 inches tall before going in the oven
and had to weigh at least 2 lbs!
And he ate every bite.

 Tyler brought home some kitchen goodies for me
and bought the kids all helium balloons.

He was just going to buy them for the little ones
but thought that perhaps Marcos had never had his own balloon before,
so he decided to go ahead and get everyone one.
Had one?
Marcos had never even seen a helium balloon before!
He couldn't figure out how it worked.

Even though I'm not big on 'money holidays,'
I am big on making my kiddos feel special
and if putting some red food coloring in the heart-healthy oatmeal
and glitter in the play dough
and using a cookie cutter for sandwiches
make my kids feel special,
I guess I'm good with that.


  1. Hi :) thanks so much for stopping by my blog and saying hello :) I was scrolling down your valentine photos and spied your bosch bowl! I have one to *grin*. LOVE the idea of the heart shaped pizza :) We actually made pizza today to but I must make a special heart one next time :) Have a wonderful week.

  2. your such a fun mom! love you!


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