Friday, February 18, 2011

like to read?

I started 'visiting' the Hendricks family
in November, after Heather wrote this post.
Good family!
I love what they are doing in Haiti,
especially Heather, working with the pregnant mommas...
Her boys are doing a Read-a-Thon at school
to raise money for Teach Haiti.
100% of the money raised goes to teaching children to read.
so they can read the Bible.
Some of you may remember that 
that's why Brandon was eager to learn to read well;
he was reading in a Beginners Bible 
and knew he was missing out on a huge portion of the Bible,
so this little fundraiser is close to my heart.
(I have a lot of things close to my heart, huh?)
I was thinking - 
maybe you'd like to sponsor one or all of the boys?
The older one will likely read a couple of hours a day;
the younger two - probably about a half hour...
Even if you don't want to participate in the read-a-thon
you probably want to go visit anyways.

and this concludes today's public service announcement

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