Thursday, February 10, 2011

in which I let the world know

am an old lady.

It's true.

I was talking on the phone yesterday w/ T
and looking out the living room window at the crepe myrtle.
Or more accurately,
looking at all the birds in the crepe myrtle.

four male cardinals, 1 female
1 blackbird of some sort
and several 
of what I think are 2 different types of finches.

I was telling him that the suet in my feeder
(a fabulous gift from an even more fabulous friend!)
was nearly gone
and I'd intended to get some birdseed 
when I went to Walmart last week, but I somehow forgot.

Brilliant son of mine that he is,
TJ said, "Just throw some wheat out there."

I hate when I'm one of the stupid people.
Not nearly as cheap as birdseed, but it'd get us through....
So I immediately grabbed some grain
 to toss out to my lovely feathered friends.

And then today,
I ventured outside with Wal-mart sacks on my feet
(can you say, "They're hicks, Rita.")
to take pictures of the birds.
one hundred fifty of them.
Not birds....
We have had about a hundred and fifty 
(maybe two hundred) blackbirds in the field lately...
I like watching them, too.

Maybe there is a bit of hope for me, though;
I suppose if I were truly an old lady
I would know exactly what types of birds they were...

I determined that real wildlife photographers
use tripods
and some form of remote clicker thing.

And I'm pretty sure they don't allow cats on photo shoots, either.

Speaking of birds,
my brother has a pretty cool bird story.

He's not old though.


  1. I loved these pictures, I loved your story and how you write and describe things, and I loved nathans story of the bird too! Those cardinals are so beautiful! and you are not old!!! just because you fed some hungry birds (I did too) and because you admire Gods creations does not make one old! and I think the photography was great by the way!

  2. I was laughing when I first read the 'old' statement. What??? haahaa! You're not old!
    Oh, how I wish we had such colorful birds here. Only huge ugly crows that have a grey body and look like they are wearing woolen sweaters.
    The pictures are great! I can't wait to show them to the kids. :-)


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