Saturday, February 19, 2011

do the math

We had a leak in our main water line.
Some nice young men came over.
I paid them a lot of money
and they fixed the leak.
The line is leaking again,
more aggressively this time.
Even with the water shut off now
the ground is so saturated
that the toilet will not flush.

There are nine people living in this house.
We eat whole grains.


  1. you have no water and no toilet?! what are you doing??

  2. we can turn the water on at the meter as we NEED it.
    um - we're using the toilet anyways.

    Marcos may be thinking he was better off in Belize right about now ;-)

  3. God Love You Mama...You WILL have a Best Seller if you ever write it all out. ;P

  4. Too bad it's leaking on your side of the meter. Ugh! Why does it always happen that way?
    Once our basement filled up with two feet of water before someone could get to the meter to turn it off.

  5. For the love of pete I hope they fix it fast!! I aplogize but this makes me giggle *grin*. We eat a lot of whole grains to and suffer from frequent power outages during this time of the year due to the weather so I can completely understand the flushing dilemma :) Hope it's fixed up quick for you!

  6. been there-done that-not fun!!
    though it was a less whole grain time of life then-I can relate all too well. my poor baby!


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