Monday, February 14, 2011

perfect playdough

It might surprise you to know
that up until a month ago,
I'd never made playdough.
Reason being - I'm not really a fan of playdough.
But it turns out,
I'm just not a fan of store-bought playdough.

I used the recipe that Jean shared ages ago.
You'l be amazed to hear that I followed the recipe
Except that I may have mis-counted the TBSs of oil.
I was on the phone.
What can I say??

This recipe makes a huge batch.
as in
it almost fills up a gallon bucket!
(For some reason - that really surprised me)
I think the only thing I'll do differently next time
is color it after it's made,
instead of adding food color to the water.

Maybe I'll go make some playdough right now.
We can color it red.
Then I can say I did something Valentiney for the fam.
(I'm also not a fan of Valentine's Day...)


  1. My kids have always loved playing with Play Doh and I have made some on my own, but in REALLY small quanities. I'm not sure I have a favorite holiday, but I hope you have an awesome day! Love you Girl! Happy playing!

  2. man, i realized a few minutes after tony left that i didn't remember to give him the valentines that i made for everyone :(
    guess it's not a big deal, but a cheesy glittery homemade card is much cooler on v-day than several days after...

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