Wednesday, February 9, 2011

my good giver

Watching Marcos get ready to go out in the snow (again!)
I was filled with gratitude for Brandon.

While we are slowly collecting some things that are his,
much of what Marcos wears
is borrowed from Tony & Brandon
(although we do have a tiny problem of Marcos thinking
that if the boys loaned him something once,
 it is now his, which we will hopefully straighten out soon)
while still very generous,
has more to share.
He has enough jackets 
to wear a different one every day,
so giving one to Marcos wasn't terribly costly.
- twelve, mind you - 
has given what costs him more.
For starters,
he's given up his bed.
That alone makes me so proud of him!
But he's given so much in little ways too.
Like snow pants - which is what got me started on this....
The snow pants that he 'graduated to' just this year.
I'm pretty sure if I were him,
I'd have had a hard time letting someone wear my snowpants.
(I'm having a hard time giving up my 'right' 
to run to the bathroom in my underwear in the middle of the night...)
I doubt Brandon thought about it twice.
He just gives.
It's who he is.

I'm so proud of you, my boy!
are a good giver!!


  1. i wouldn't have given up my snow pants either. poor kid.
    I'm glad he's giving his best. but the other part of me wants to say, marcos wore them in the other snow, brandon can wear his own snow pants in this snow...

    proud of my bub!

  2. Beaming proud here too! Wow! What a model young man. Please give him our love.

  3. Your kids are such good kids! I just love them!

  4. And so he puts what is in his heart out there in full practice, as an example. What a wonderful tender heart - walking in Jesus shoes


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