Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I really miss my brain!
was the order deadline for Azure Standard.
I had the order in my cart.
I just plain forgot to actually place the order.
I even had someone e-mail
asking where the pick-up was to be
and still it didn't trigger, "Azure order!"
I called this morning to beg for mercy.
No mercy is available.

To add insult to injury,
I am playing 'Drop Point Coordinator'
for the next pick-up.
Tyler and Tony (and sometimes, Sandy)
have taken care of picking up the orders;
I've never done it.
I figure,
If I'm coordinating the pick-up,
I ought to have at least a clue 
to how it works.
Add to that, 
I told a friend I'd get her order for her,
you know - since I'll already be there anyways...
I'll be at the pick-up point next Tuesday,
I just won't be picking up anything for me.

I hope I remember to show up!!


  1. i thought you were the coordinator for THIS pick up?
    sorry there is no mercy :(

  2. I thought I was the coordinator this time, too - 'til the regular one sent me an e-mail that the the lady over the coordinators was confused & thought I was coordinating this time, not next.I was like, Um - so did I... ooops! The confusion lies in the fact that there are TWO pick-ups in March. She'd just asked if I could do 'the March pick-up'...

  3. oh, i see! so there's no danger of pick-up and birthday coinciding :)
    .... except, that's lily's birthday, isn't it? :(


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