Thursday, April 28, 2011

busy beavers

Lots of work going on over here these days!

 My job was to cut and tie the ribbon;
I didn't have to wait on Lily one time ~ that girl is good!

After awhile 
Lily got tired of that job and went looking for another one

Jeremiah had been helping with the programs,
but he let Daddy take over for him
and Josiah picked up where Lily left off.

He was just as speedy as Lily!
There weren't as many jobs for Lexi
but she helped where she could.

can you guess which one Lex' did??
I found a more suitable job for her

She helped me make these for the party.

I love that it is normal
that our whole family works together
to get jobs done.

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  1. I think that is so cool too. I hope my family (ya know the kind that comes after I get married) is that way too someday.


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