Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Last night,
I put all the photos we have on the external hard drive
on the computer.
All 13,634 of them.
And because I organize my pictures so well,
I looked at all 13, 634 of them.
That's on top of the 4 totes of photos I went through Sunday.
I'm not done yet ~ there are still a few more boxes.
I'd like to call it quits;
we already have way more than we can use, 
but what if there's a better one, lurking in a box???
Needless to say,
looking back over the past 24 years 
in such a short amount of time
has been a bit of an emotional roller coaster ride.
I'm quite pooped!!

I know  - I'm looking for Tony pics,
but this was too cute to leave buried.
Poor Josiah looked so nervous when Lily started to cry.

Lots more goodies where that came from....


  1. oh my word, Kieron does look like Lily here! and Aiden looks like all his uncles :D i love looking through old pictures.

  2. I found some pictures of Brandon, that if I didn't KNOW it was him, would have said they were Lexi! And - I discovered that as a baby / toddler, you looked very much like Lex (or vise versa), and Lily looks a lot like the pre-school age you. XO


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