Monday, December 27, 2010


It's really a shed,
pretty much.
Tyler calls it the cabin.
I think I'll be callin' it the castle.

Whatever you want to call it,
(we - being they. with me watching little ones, as usual)
started building it today!!

We talked about it off and on,
but couldn't really quite figure out how to make it work.
Tyler hates to put a single cent into this house;
I don't see it as putting $$ into the house
so much as
spending some money on my sanity.

he finally figured out that we could build this additional space
as a shed
on skids, so it'd be totally movable
if ever we do build a for real house...
and just attach the shed / cabin / castle
to the house with a hallway.

It's not huge
just a 12 x16 ft room, with 2 lofts
but it'll increase the size of our house drastically
so I'm pretty darned excited.

Tyler has been looking forward to the building of it.
I'm just looking forward to having it.

They made excellent progress today
and hope to get the floor in & insulated by tomorrow evening.

Tyler said he looked like he ought to be in Mother Earth News :-)

My youngest brother and his sweet gal
are coming to help for a few days
so that'll be fun.
That boy is a whiz at carpentry
so things'll go pretty quick with him here.

Level floor
straight walls - uncracked
nice windows - that open
Ooh - this is just too good!
And best of all ~ a pantry!
I can hardly wait.


  1. wowee! and I thought you were "just" building a shed.Now I feel like I should be up there helping you!

  2. How exciting for you! Can't wait to see the new addition!


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