Monday, December 20, 2010

gift for Gramma

We got together yesterday
to celebrate Christmas with my side of the family
(with my mom - not to be confused with celebrating Christmas
with my side of the family - with my Dad, which we did on Friday)

I had a really hard time coming up with a gift for my Grandma.
She needs nothing.
And about all she wants is sweets
but she really shouldn't have sweets. 

A few years ago
she had a mini stroke
and her memory has really suffered because of it.
She used to be able to fix anything
and she was a whiz with machines and computers.
she doesn't even turn her computer on.

I feel bad admitting it,
but when I still hadn't come up with a gift
by Saturday evening,
I just decided
 no gift.

I told myself she wouldn't remember if I'd given her anything or not,
so it was no biggie.
I felt kinda bad about it,
but I'm not one to spend money
on junk somebody doesn't need
or even want
all in the name of 'gift-giving'.

I woke up Sunday
still feeling like a heel
but reminded myself, "She won't remember tomorrow..."
And it hit me.
She won't remember.
But I do.
And so I thought I'd just  type up a few memories and print them off.
maybe I could buy a frame on the way.....

Then I saw a jar in my kitchen
a tall skinny jar
perfect for strips of paper
and I knew what I was supposed to do.

A month of memories.

I'm not sure what the gift will mean to Gramma
but I am so glad I gave her this.
It was a gift to me, too! 
I realized what a wonderful Grandma she has been
and that many of my memories
are tied to her.
If I can be half the grandma to my sweet grandkids
as she has been to hers,
I'll be doin' just fine.

Gramma Joyce called as I was finishing up this post.
She sounded 10 years younger 
and didn't have that whine in her voice
"I just read my first memory and I wanted to share it with you...."
And she read the first of 31 strips of paper.
and then she said,
"I remember."

I love you, Gramma!!


  1. Oh shoot, more tears....I JUST sent you an e-mail....and then I read this. It was perfect, she loved it! She really has been a HUGE part of our lives! I love you too, Gramma!

  2. :) that's a precious present, and your post totally made me cry.
    glad she likes it.

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  4. I love it! I'm so doing this for my g'ma next year.

  5. Beautiful post, Momma. I don't treasure my grandparents enough, and I need to. AND I need to train Aiden to treasure his grandparents, cuz he has some great ones! I love you!

  6. from Uncle Guy

    this post really touched my heart

    gramma Joyce is so thankful

  7. Man, you just had to end my day in tears! I love this - what a great gift idea. I'll have to remember it for NEXT year or even Mother's Day. What an inspiration!


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