Wednesday, January 5, 2011

the gift that keeps on giving

I figured that was the end of it.
It wasn't.
She calls me every day
to read our day's memory.
(Well, every day, except for two,
when she thought she'd already called me...)
It's just a quick call
but it's been nice to hear her voice every day.
She calls my sister, too
and shares the memories with her also.
I imagine she also calls my mom....

I hadn't expected that the gift would draw us closer;
I was just hoping to bless my Grandma.
I didn't realize how much I would be blessed, too.
Sure, just the remembering and writing of the memories
was a blessing.
But the daily phone calls have been a bonus blessing, too.
And if the phone hasn't rung by 11:00,
I start wondering when Gramma's going to call.


Speaking of bonuses....
It was such a treat to have Marin come with Matt last week.
She's been 'part of the family' for several years
but I hadn't really ever had an opportunity to get to know her
beyond the polite talk of holiday gatherings.
She's fabulous! 
We talked about all sorts of things
and it was just really comfortable to have her here.
There were no awkward moments - at all.
That's what I'd like for it to be like with my daughters-in-law
(is that the plural of daughter in law??)

And the kids?
They loved her - no surprise there!


  1. The building looks great!!!
    And Yeah for Grandma remembering. May you continue to be blessed.
    Please tell Marin that we send our greetings. She is SUCH a sweetie!
    PS. What is Lexi clapping at in the final picture. She looks so happy. I love little hands clapping.
    Aunt K

  2. Brandon took this picture - Marin was playing on the trampoline w/ the kids, so I imagine someone did a good trick :-)

  3. Gramma said what is she going to do when there are no more notes to read? I said start over! she will have forgotten some of them by then anyway! she said good idea! I said maybe we can make you some more! all kids can write me notes and put their name on it, then she can have more to read from everyone!
    Marin is a sweet girl! and of course shes good w kids, she teaches kindergarten! I have had the plaesure of hanging w her a lot over the years, glad you got to know her! shes a good girl! (her bd is in october also)


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