Thursday, January 6, 2011

RIP dear window

If you've been around any length of time
you know I love my window.
I need my window.
Or rather
I need my view
out the window.
Tyler asked where I wanted the window in the cabin.
I said I don't care,
so long as I can see out it from the kitchen.

Here's my window.
or rather, where my window was...
complete with duct tape hinge...
Not to worry ~ I'll be just fine soon enough.

I'll have a new window - that opens
Here's a funny window-related story:
The other day
Josiah asked me what a 'knick-knack' was.
I told him that we didn't really have knick-knacks,
'cause we only have stuff that's used for something
and knick-knacks don't really have a use,
they just sit there.

He looked up at some mini-blinds
(not the ones we use for our art gallery
and not the set that covers(covered) my 'view window',
which got opened and closed regularly,
but the set that - you guessed it - does nothing.
The window behind those particular blinds is especially nasty
so the blinds pretty much just stay closed all the time)
and said, "So, I guess that's sort of a knick knack, huh?"


  1. now i'm just waiting for him to call somebody a knick knack when they won't help out :D

  2. haha ~ he's a bit of a knick-knack himself, sometimes....


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