Wednesday, February 13, 2008

the view

It was booty-freezin' cold this morning!

I'm really thankful for the
I really am!
It makes the house about 10 degrees warmer
and helps tremendously with the electric bill
I sure miss my view
even in the winter
when there's no green around,
the pond is beautiful to me.
a few weeks ago
one of the kids said something that made me so mad
I stormed out of the house.
never mind that it took me 10 minutes
to find my shoes and jacket and get Lily in the carrier
before I could actually do my storming....
I headed east - towards the pond
but walked around Pine Knoll first.
as I circled the field
I looked at it.
and slowed down....
Even in the middle of a gloomy winter day
the water danced.
brings peace to my soul
every time.
As frustrated as I get with the inefficiency of this house
(and there is nothing efficient about it)
I do love the land!
Which is, of course, why we find ourselves
in this
plastic-covered window
in the first place.

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