Thursday, January 6, 2011

our own Fancy Nancy

Just so you know, Ter',
the 'lampshade' is being put to good use :-)
As is the tulle skirt, Lana...
As I type
Brandon is reading some Fancy Nancy books to Lily
for the first time.
Daddy will be so happy!
(He's wanted me to buy Fancy Nancy for her for quite some time;
I thought she was quite fancy enough without Nancy....)
He can thank the FS Public Library.
To be honest
I'm a little worried.....
I don't think she needed any help.


  1. i've never read fancy nancy, but the book covers make me think of Lily, so sometimes i refer to her as fancy nancy :)

  2. Oh, shes just fabulous! Never heard of fancy nancy but I like her already! So glad Lily is a girly girl!

  3. Just LOVE this! I've not heard of Fancy Nancy, but it looks like the perfect book for Lily!


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