Monday, January 24, 2011

a little about laundry

We just can't get away from it.
it's not chore that I hate.
But I do hate when it gets away from me.
That usually only happens 
when I spend too much time out of the house.
And I don't care for finding clean
and even folded clothes in the dirty laundry!
That won't be happening much anymore, though;
Lily is my new self-appointed laundry sniffer.
She's been sorting the boy's laundry
into the hampers in the bathroom for the past few nights.
More than once, she's shoved an article in my face,
"These aren't dirty! They don't stink!"

On Thursday, Marcos and I talked about laundry.
I asked how his family washes clothes.
He answered with his hands.
Washing the family's clothes was one of his many responsibilities.
Before he left Belize,
he bought his mother a washing machine
(on credit, of course - where was he going to come up with $800??)
She is sick
and he's afraid washing all those clothes by hand
might kill her.
I said that I bet he wore his clothes many times before washing.
He agreed, "Oh yes, Miss."
Except it sounds more like, "ohyesMiss".
Then I flippantly added, 
"My boys just throw things in the laundry after wearing them once."
I didn't think anything of it 
until I went to grab dirty clothes from the boys room
and found that Marcos had thrown everything he'd worn
(including 2 jackets) in the basket!
It blesses me that he is so eager to please,
but we sorted that one out right away :-)
I was so tickled 
the first time he had a pile of laundry on the back of the couch,
I almost took a picture.
It seemed silly at the time,
 but now I wish I would have.
I wonder how long it's been 
since his laundry has been lovingly washed for him?


  1. I like the word 'lovingly' at the end of your post.
    Yes, it is an endless labor of love to keep our kids in clean clothes, the house neat, the food prepared, the lessons taught... oh, wait! This is what life is about, right? A labor of love, giving our all.
    Love you!


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