Saturday, January 22, 2011

giving well

I feel it every time I see Marcos' new ball.
I'm not even entirely sure what 'it' is;
but it isn't good.

You see,
the ball
- a Christmas gift from some well-meaning Christian ministry -
is perfectly sized for Josiah.
Five year old Josiah.
Marcos is 18.
I can hear it as if it were yesterday,
"We'll just get the cheap stuff; they don't care anyways."
We were preparing to host a block party for Riverwalk Apartments
(The outreach ministry our family has been involved in
 for over 10 years)
and when talk turned to food, that was somebody's comment
(not a regular on our team, thankfully!)
"Just get the cheap stuff."
The purpose of a 'block party'?
To be more visible in the apartment complex,
so more people would know the Christians were there.
There to love and serve them.
mm hmm.
Just get the cheap stuff.
In just two weeks,
over $92,000 has been given to the NDSS

In more than double that time, 
 $2361 was raised for The Mercy House,
a home in Africa for pregnant girls.

Please don't misunderstand me;
I am thrilled about the ninety-two thousand dollars!
Teary at this very moment!
But Kelle has a huge, dare I say mostly secular audience
Kristin's is primarily Christian.
I think
Christians just don't give well.

I think that feeling,
when I see Marcos' tiny soccer ball,
is disgust.
- mingled with sadness - 
that God's people, as a whole,
don't give very well.
I really want to be a good giver!
please help me to give like You.

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  1. Do we dare to give our all - that is the question.
    I hear you sister.
    Marcos needs a REAL soccer ball. I'd buy him one if I were there.
    ~From a full heart that needs to be poured out empty. Love, K


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