Tuesday, January 11, 2011

people pay for this?

am not a fan 
of getting my hair fixed
by anyone except my big sister.
I often leave a hair appt. with my hair slightly wet.

I just spent about fifteen minutes
with both girls
fixing my hair
(so I would look like a princess - oddly enough
when they finished, it looked an awful lot like it did when they started.
I guess I pretty much always look like a princess :-)

Lexi would 'bruff' my hair into my face
and Lily would brush it out.
Some people
- like Tyler -
would bask in this type of attention;
but to me?
Feels like torture.

weird, huh?

Speaking of weird,
the beauticians are now dressed up in nothing but swimming suits.

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  1. hahahaha! got a kick out of that!
    *still laughing*


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