Sunday, January 23, 2011

and the winner is.....


those cheeks.... ooh, I could eat them up, still!

Lex' was done in by all her work
and had to turn and face the wall.
Or maybe it was all of my,
"Hold the paper so Mommy can see the letters...."
Congratulations, Sandy!!!
And thank-you to everyone who entered the drawing!
I really do wish 
I could buy One Thousand Gifts for all of you
but alas, the budget is stretched a bit thin these days.
What I can offer, though, is this:
- for my local friends - 
if you can come pick it up
(or I could send it to work w/ Tyler)
(or bring it to church...)
I'd be happy to order one for you,
along with Sandy's,
and you'll need only pay the $9.14 $9.04 for the book.

Praying that God will bless each of you today ~ Tracy

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  1. I won I won I won!! YAY!!

    And just last night at the book store I was telling Mike how i hoped I would win. YIPPEE

    Thank you sweet friend!!


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