Friday, January 21, 2011

oh, Ya'll!

I've been reading my book.

If you haven't entered the drawing
do it now!
You want this book!
I wish I could buy one for every single one of you!!

I was afraid it might be hard to for me understand.
Sometimes Ann's posts go way over my head;
her writing is so poetic and ethereal 
and I am so
It turns out
 One Thousand Gifts is an easy read.
In that it isn't too flowery for ordinary folks to understand.
I should give you fair warning, though;
before you begin reading,
you may want to gather 
and your favorite writing utensil.
edited to add:
The book is less than $10 now.
(and # 11 on Amazon's Best Seller list!!)
Just thought you might want to know,
in case you just can't wait for Sunday afternoon.


  1. i loved the style of the book, cuz it was poetic without being so much poetic that you get lost :D

    thanks so much, i finished my first read of it yesterday and it was very wonderful and inspiring... now i have to start and read it again to catch the rest :D

  2. you finished it already?? I've had very little time to read - I'm not even half way through...


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