Friday, January 7, 2011

just seven quick takes

I'm not sure if I've got seven takes in me this morning
but I'll give it a whirl

2011 is hurtling by;
I found it difficult to believe
when I wrote a check yesterday
that it was the sixth 

After going in and out the 'door' a time or two
Brandon said, "I really like having a back door!"
I just buried my head,
not sure if I should laugh 
or cry.
The door is a piece of styrofoam and some duct tape!

It drives me nuts.
on top of the normal noise
of kids, appliances, voices, etc
(as there has been for several days...)
and add to that
one or two videos more than usual,
to keep little girls who would rather be outside with the action,
inside and occupied.

Dora pushed me over the edge.
We'll leave it at that.

I went grocery shopping
for the first time in 2011 yesterday.
It took five hours.
Five hours!
That is why I don't do big shopping
at all three stores
(Walmart, Sam's and Aldi)
very often.

I left all kids home when I took said shopping trip.
There wouldn't have been any room in  the Excursion for them 
and it would have taken 
a l l

More paperwork to fill out for Marcos.
Why can't they just give it all to us already??
I was thinking a few days ago
what a good thing it was that this was dragging out
(to a degree) so that God had time to prepare my heart.
My heart is prepared; no need to drag it out any further.

I look forward to Ginny's Yarn Along every Wednesday.
Then I spend  a few minutes here and there
seeing what all the talented ladies are knitting and reading.
I've added a few books to my reading list
but I keep reminding myself, "Knitting is not for you.
Knitting is not for you."
Well, whatdya know?
I did make it through seven and could do more.
But I'll leave it at seven.
You're welcome.

for more quick takes, see Jen


  1. Don't feel bad. Dora would put me over the edge too!

    I like Ginny's Yarn Along too. It keeps me knitting while I tell myself - sewing is not for you, sewing is not for you! wink, wink

    I've gotten a few books that ladies recommended too.

    Posting sure takes time. Is it just me, or does uploading photos take forever?

  2. Kaylana, I just want you to know I read your blog too. but for some reason it won't post my comments. I had no Idea Egypt was so beautiful. and its really nice to travel the world vicariously with your family!


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