Thursday, January 13, 2011

little bit of everything

Yes, that's our drive. One of the reasons I can live in this nasty house.

We got some.

Kids were thrilled.

Mom was sick of it
in like 8 seconds.
Not the snow
but all the mess 
that having snow on the ground
Wet muddy snow gear everywhere.

Good finds at the thrift shop.

It'd been 3 weeks since I'd been.
I was nearly giddy
driving there.
I know.

I re-did the schedule.

I asked Tyler to hold me accountable
to actually
the schedule.
I'm more of a fly by the seat of my pants gal.
Problem is -
I hadn't really been feeling the urge to fly....
Not good when you are your child's educator.


 Speaking of educatin'

 I guess the girl is just gonna teach herself 
how to read.

Found this the other day

In case you don't recognize Him,
that's baby Jesus.
And He's happy to see ya.

Have I told ya'll about Brandon's blog?
He posts some close-up shots.

Ya'll leave a comment
saying what you think they are
and the next week
he'll reveal the items

and post new close-ups.
Please? :-)

Our application has been approved;
we've been granted custody of Marcos.

We're still racing against time, though;
If they (immigration) prove that Marcos is 18
(and he is)
before he's on the plane to us
then he gets moved from juvie 
to adult detention.
And his chances of being allowed to stay in the US 
will drastically decrease.
Tyler drove very quickly to the bank 
to purchase a money order for his ticket,
then hightailed it to the P.O.
to overnight it.
Lord willing
he'll be here Wednesday.
I guess means
I'll need to re-do the schedule.

for more 7 quick takes, visit Jen

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