Tuesday, August 23, 2011

it's that time again

This Sunday is Central's annual meeting.

You know what that means:
it's time for my annual T-shirt Refashion.

Just as a refresher,
This was my first t-shirt refashion in '08

The next year, we didn't get the t-shirts in advance

This was last year's re-do

Without further ado,
may I present
(with waayy too many pictures)
the T-shirt Refashion of 2011.


  1. These by FAR are the dog-gone cutest make-overs I've seen and you've done!!! I wanna be adopted by you!!! They are so going to be the HIT this coming Sunday!!!!!

  2. they are ridiculously cute!!! Lily looks very fifties model (is that the right decade? maybe 20s... ) they are too cute - girls and dresses!

  3. Oh man..you knocked it outta the park again! Super cute :D

  4. Oh my gosh! I LOVE them!!!! Those are adorable!!

    Sarah B

  5. aww ~ thanks!!
    They were fun to do; although Lily's took too long, what with all the seam ripping.... what's extra fun is the black floral on Lily's is a swimsuit I bought at the thrift shop for 1/2 off and wore twice; it gave me wedgies, so I put in a box to go back to the thrift store. rescued it just in time :-)

  6. Too cute! the tshirts also. :) I have so many tshirts laying around just waiting to become SOMETHING. heehee

  7. Fantastic!
    When I first read the line about too many pictures, I thought I read "stitches". haha. It's early and I haven't woken up yet. :-)
    Have a great time!

  8. WOW- so awesome ! So Cute! girls and outfits!! thanks for sharing ALL the pictures- What a Great Job!!

  9. positively fabulous!!!!xoxo


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