Friday, August 12, 2011

one of my peeves

I just have to say it.
What is up with TVs in restaurants?
I mean
Can people not go without their telle
for an hour??
The magnetic pull of the blue box 
drives me bonkers!
It can be clear across the room,
totally out of hearing distance,
and still 
the eyes of all men and children
are on it.
Take, for example,
the time we went to Mazzio's years ago
and our entire family
was watching
we were the only table in view of a television at Western Sizzlin
so I asked that it be turned off.
The manager said they couldn't turn it off
because their guests wanted it on. 
I showed him that we were the only guests in the room
and we didn't want the TV on.
But policy is policy and the tube stayed on.

stepping off my box now...

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  1. As a family that doesn't watch TV I sooooo agree. Oh and the same thing happens if we are in a restaurant and say golf is on. Everyone is transfixed to the screen. haahha


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