Thursday, August 11, 2011

my first daybook

I thought it might be nice to do a 'daybook entry';
I always enjoy reading Elizabeth's and Susan's
but I've never done one before;
figured it was about time...

Outside my window
it's rather overcast this morning
and cool - it's 80 right now
with a high of only 94 degrees today.
Summer is winding down.

I am listening to
the hum of the ceiling fan.
Surprisingly, not much else at the moment.

I am thankful
for my husband.
He loves me so much.
The past few years have been rough.
Very rough.
This year, especially so.
And yet, he is patient with me.
I have a hard time even believing
 that I will ever be 'normal' again,
but he believes for me.

I am wearing
a black ruffly shirt
which sounds like I'm all together,
but really, I wear the shirt as jammies, 
because I look like a cupcake in it,
but it is soo soft and comfy, I couldn't bear to get rid of it.
On the bottom half ~ black stretchy pants
athletic pants - but there's no athleticism here...
And of course, 
bare feet with purply-pink nail polish.
I prefer the hot pink, but the bottle is getting low.

I am thinking
that I'd better get my Letter of Intent
filled out and turned in today.

In the kitchen
there is tons of fruit;
sales have been good.
This week I got peaches, plums, and nectarines for $ .19 each
and grapes for $ .79/lb

I am reading
mostly education books right now.
A Charlotte Mason Companion, The Three Rs,
and Educating the Wholehearted Child
top the stack.
I'm very slowly working my way through
the Experiencing God study.
I am at the point in my life where I want to know
'book, chapter, and verse' on everything
so my Bible is being used as a reference tool right now.

I am pondering
"When home is ruled according to God's word,
angels might be asked to stay with us
and they would not find themselves out of their element"
 Charles Spurgeon

I am afraid angels 
would not be very comfortable
in our home
most days.

I am creating
school plans. 
At least that's what I need to be creating.

I've got the fabric all cut out for my next quilt.
Actually, I had the fabric all cut,
but then I found a few more fabrics
when I went to Joann's this weekend,
so I'll need to spend a few minutes cutting those out also.

I am looking forward to
August 25th.
That is Marcos' court date.
We are ready for our family to get back to normal.
I know it's horrible, but
I don't do so well with people living in my home.
When we lived in Germany, 
our dearest friends lived with us for 2 weeks
before moving back to the States.
I didn't start missing them for years.

Around the house
there is much to be done.
Speaking of much to be done,
I best get to doing it.

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