Friday, August 5, 2011

happy trails

The morning started with chocolate covered strawberries.
Truth be told,
I prefer my strawberries and my chocolate separate;
but every year
I eat one
just to make sure I still feel the same.

From chocolate strawberries,
I progressed on to 
a scrumptious Frozen Vanilla Latte
(I think that's what he called it)
made by Ton'
with cold-brewed coffee.

(is the whole weekend going to be about food??)

After a quick visit to the library
where I picked up
I headed to lunch w/ Tyler
(it may just be all about food....)
I wasn't very hungry,
so I just had Hot & Sour Soup.
Nobody makes it like TaiPei,
although, someday, I'm going to ask for the recipe.
And then
will make it like Tai Pei.

After lunch,
my weekend away began
with my first ever
I was greeted by the above sign
when I slipped behind the screen
to strip.

The massage was really nice,
but I didn't feel like jelly when I was done.
She had to keep telling me to let her do the work.
That may have something to do with the jellylessness.
That and I kept asking questions.
Can't shut off the learning, I guess...
She does this 'raindrop therapy massage'
that I'd love to try someday.
Seeing as it's a hundred bucks,
I don't expect it'll become a regular indulgence...

After my massage
I remembered I still needed a notebook.
I wanted a pretty one
(don't laugh, 'Net)
but didn't want to run into Hobby Lobby.
Then I talked myself into a $ .20 plain one from Walmart.
(I know ~ Walmart over HL??)
But when I stopped to get it
(and the roasted almonds w/ dark chocolate...
apparently it is all about the food ;-)
they didn't have one single cheap notebook
that was college ruled.
I could have grabbed a wide-ruled book from the house!
So I headed over to the cheap composition books.
Then I saw cute composition books.
And then
I found

which reminded me very much of my
and we all know how I feel about that!
If I'd a been thinking,
I would have brought it along with me...

And now,
I'm agendaless.
Until I get hungry again...

Happy Trails

all photos taken w/ my iphone. don't worry - I was watching the road.


  1. enjoy your rejuvination! I love you sister!

  2. have fun, get rest! hope you have a wonderful weekend <3

  3. agendaless- that sounds so great for you! enjoy!!



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