Monday, August 29, 2011


After Annual Meeting yesterday,
My Sister and her hubby (whom Lex' adores!) came down.
There was a bead show in town
and Ter never misses a bead show if she can help it.
I went along also
because I like to pretend I can make jewelry, too.

I like to buy the kids some beads
so Aunt Terri can help them make nice jewelry while she's here.

It was fun shopping with her.
She 'sees' beads like I 'see' fabric.

I love Lexi's face in this one ~ and her hair.....
I could just see those wheels turning in her head
as she held up strand after strand of beads
or laid them gracefully across her arm.
Half the work of creating her jewelry was done
by the time she put the beads in her basket.
I just wandered around
and asked questions like,
"Do you think these beads would hold up in the washer
if I sewed them on clothes??"

Thanks for a fun day, Sis! I love you!!


  1. Oh, its always so much fun hangin with your family!Thanks for dinner, it was yummy! I love you too!

  2. everybody is so pretty doing such pretty things!!
    Love to all!!


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