Thursday, August 25, 2011

he's got me there

Jeremiah has been asking if he could get paid
for taking out the trash.
I always tell him the same thing,
"Taking out the trash is something you do 
because you are part of a family.
We don't get paid for being part of a family."

We do do 'allowances'
but it certainly isn't
payment for services rendered.
If it were - it would be pitiful wages.
And yes, allowances do increase as responsibility increases
but again, it isn't payment;
it's "thank-you".
And it's education.
And it seems to be working;
our kids are all good savers.
and givers.
(except for T - he's a spender, that one,
but he is a giver, too!)

When Jeremiah brought up the issue of payment yesterday,
I gave my standard answer
and then I asked him what he needed money for.
"Well. I need to start saving for my house, mostly."

He's got me there.....


  1. remember when he was 3, and used to spaz out b/c he needed to build a house and bed for his wife (or his 'girl') to sleep in?
    lol. Good to think ahead on these things ;)

  2. haha - I'd forgotten about that (yes, it was 'his girl')


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