Wednesday, August 10, 2011



A couple of weeks ago
we went to the water park
with our homeschool group.

There was a dress-code
so as not to offend anyone.
(never mind that those who were likely to offended
probably wouldn't go to a water park anyways...)

The girls were supposed to wear a shirt over their suits
and either a swim skirt or shorts, too.

They don't really have clothes that I thought would be work,
(or that I'd want them wearing in bleach water)

so I made some little suits with ($2 a yard fabric - yay!)
thinking they'd be a one-time-use sort of thing.

But when they tried them on - my goodness!

So darn cute!

Not only have the suits been worn multiple times 
as swimwear (and dancewear)
they also double (triple?) as adorable running suits.

Or maybe it's just the girl
that is adorable....

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  1. Yes and Yes adorable!!
    and a kiss to you Lexi!!
    Love - G J


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