Monday, August 22, 2011

the bench

I found this bench
the same day I found the dresser at Abilities.
That was a good thrifting day!!
As soon as I laid eyes on it - I told them it was sold!

 I had planned on building a 4 cube bench kind of like this one,
but this was a much better option.
The fact that'd it'd be less expensive was just a  bonus.
I had originally planned to put a basket of books behind each door
for each of the four little ones,
but we've decided to use if for fabric storage instead :-)

I love everything about this piece!
(except the fact that I don't know what it is....)

  I even like those little metal things on the legs
but when my primer started chipping off,
I knew they had to go.
The bench (formerly credenza? I don't know!)
was a tad too tall for the window anyways
so I just took the circular saw to all the legs
and whacked about an inch and a half off.

 It was in great shape, except the back was sagging a bit
so Brandon and I slapped some glue in that little ditch there
and clamped it for a few hours.

see that middle leg in the back? scroll up. It wasn't there ~ I built it!
 When I first brought it home,
Ton' wanted to know why I'd bought such an ugly thing.
I went on and on about how perfect it was
and he said, "Well, that's the difference between you and me.
I see things as they are
and you see what they could be."
Yes - I suppose I do....

underneath that cushion are 2 awesome marble slabs

Speaking of the cushion...
I couldn't find just the right fabric
so I made my own!
Well, I didn't make the fabric
and it isn't really just right - but it's more right than not....

 I used a drop cloth from Lowe's
and washed it exactly (really!) like Miss Mustard Seed told me to
and after I cut my rectangle the size of the cushion cover
 I ironed freezer paper to the entire back
and stenciled flowers using regular paint mixed with a fabric medium.
I'm sad to say it faded a lot when I washed it
(although I hadn't realized quite how much, 'til I saw this picture.)
but I'm still pleased with it.

This is my view from the kitchen
often there is a person on that bench...

I love it!

for more fabulous furniture, visit Miss Mustard Seed


  1. I think it looks absolutely designer and fantastic! I love the new designer cushion and that your family is finding it a place to rest and enjoy. I'm thinking soon, I may want to come over - just to feel the peace of your beautiful room and your company... Got any time?

  2. re the fading - did you remember to iron the paint before the first wash? oh well - it still looks fabulous!

  3. This is absolutely amazing! I can't wait to show Nathan. The kids really loved the color. Samuel said, "Wow" when he saw the final product.
    Great job!!!!

  4. 'Net ~ you know where I live ;-)

    Lana ~ I didn't iron it - but I did heat set it in the dryer (at least I thought I did... somehow, at the time that seemed smart)

    K ~ I love the color, too! It looks a tad lighter than the dresser, I think, but actually, the dresser is a bit lighter than it is! I don't suppose you know what this piece would have been originally??

  5. your so amazing!!! I can't wait to see it Sunday when we come down! (Yes, still planning on it, If that is okay with you, I will be tired, but hopefully not grumpy, lol bead show, michaels, and your house, thats the plan. you going to the show w us? ) love you!

  6. It's just a bit o paint....
    ok - well, maybe my fashioning the leg is amazing ;-)
    that's great! I doubt you'll be grumpy! Yep ~ planning on going to the bead show (Convention Center again??) what timeish? You staying for dinner?? love you, too!

  7. Oh my goodness it's so cute... you are so creative!! Great job:)

  8. That came out wonderfully! And you built a leg?! Whoa, you're amazing :)


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