Wednesday, August 3, 2011

unplugged - still

Being unplugged has been so beneficial for the kids
that we decided to continue our unplugging.
This week has been much easier on me than last week was.
Of course,
I've spent a good portion of the week
on my rear
with my foot either elevated
or in a bucket of ice-water.
All that down time has to be helpful, no?
(my heel is getting better, btw, and my SI joint is much improved, too)

Lexi was so excited to discover all the cucumbers we were given.
(thanks, Brenda!!) She keeps carrying on about how much she loves
cucumbers and says that "cucumbers are the yummy thing my ever eat!"

I haven't manged yet
to do any of the cleaning that I've been hoping to get to
but I have been sorting through things
in my mind,
so maybe when the time comes to dig in
it'll go fairly quickly.

I'm also beginning to think about what we need for school
and getting a tiny bit excited
to begin another year.

 Speaking of getting excited...
Tyler is giving me the weekend off.
As in completely off.
As in
I am going away
to rest, relax, and be rejuvenated
I don't even know where I'm going yet.
And truth be told - I'm a tad nervous...
I've never gone away by myself before;
this is all very new to me.

Lexi's 'mouse-painting'

I think we'll probably stay unplugged
'til we start school back up
and  then
we'll just naturally partially unplug.
It's been good for me to think about my online time.
I tell myself that I don't have many real-life mentors
so I get my 'mentoring' from blogs.
And while that's true,
I have to admit 
that I've often used the internet
as a way of escaping.
And that, certainly needs to change.

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