Tuesday, August 9, 2011

special noodles

Jeremiah and Josiah made lunch today.
Special Noodles.
In their words, here is the recipe:

Take some noodles
(they can be left over from lunch
and you can make Special Noodles for dinner,
 if the pasta is left over from dinner,
you can make Special Noodles for lunch)
put some butter on them
and some Italian dressing
and some cheese
and warm them up in the microwave.
Mix it all up.
They are best when they're warm.

Usually, when they make their 'special noodles',
they just make a single serving;
today was the first time they fixed 'em for a crowd.
They were shocked at how long it took them to make lunch,
"How long is this going to take? 
We've been working on it for 10 minutes already!"

Thanks, Boys, for feeding us so well!

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  1. sounds yummy guys!!

    Love you-


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