Sunday, August 21, 2011

crunchy granola

Easiest Granola Ever

Preheat oven to 375 degrees

Heat to boiling
3/4 c. healthy oils (I combine olive, coconut and palm shortening)
3/4 c. honey

While liquids are heating, 
in a big ole'  bowl combine
11 c. total - any combination of oats, nuts, bran, germ, seeds, etc
1/3 c. brown sugar 

Once liquids have come to a boil
remove from heat,
add a tsp or two of vanilla
and pour the liquid over the dry ingredients
then mix well.

Divide cereal evenly between three 9x13 pans
and bake for 11 minutes.
Return pans to oven.
Turn off oven and leave granola 'til morning,
then add some coconut if ya want
and raisins......
Store in airtight container

I've been making this granola for a few months now,
tweaking a recipe I found online (can't remember where)
'til I could come up with a formula to follow,
rather than an exact recipe......
It really is super easy!
The hardest part is
remembering to pull it out of the oven,
before turning on the broiler
for garlic bread for Sunday lunch.



  1. sounds great-
    that looks VERY cruchy!

  2. That sounds about like my recipe - however I use only about 6-7 cups of oats and goodies to that amount of oil. Maybe I should try to decrease the oil/sweetener portion since I know I can't fit that many pans into my oven!
    And when I bake, I just do a lower temp for a longer period. I tend to make it in the evening during dinner clean up. It's so easy!
    The aroma that lingers in the house in delicious!

  3. opps... IS delicious. (I'm not quite awake yet...)


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