Sunday, August 28, 2011


"I guess we aren't very good at just showing up."
That's what Brandon told me
when he was making Phasers yesterday.
I guess not.

I'd told them last week,
"We aren't Star Trek fans. 
I'm just going to make the girl's dresses and fix my shirt
and be done with it;
we're just going to show up."

But then it was decided that we really should
watch an episode,
so we wouldn't be totally clueless in the Annual Meeting.

I found Star Trek almost painful to sit through,
but everyone else wanted to watch another episode.
which was just fine,
since I was busy
sewing black fabric over all the guys' collars...

In our defense, though,
we don't do halloween, or even 'fall festivals'
Annual Meeting has sorta become their dress-up day.

This year,
I purposed to not buy anything,
and even used white thread instead of yellow
on the hems of my shirt.

Brandon used scraps of wood to make the Phasers
and they scrounged up nuts,  bolts, various lids
and even a lightbulb
to finish them out.

As they were heading to bed
(at almost 11:00 - but not because of the crafting)
Josiah asked if I was making belts and holsters.
Hadn't planned on it....
But I did have some leftover fabric from another project.....

I'm so proud of your creativity and ingenuity.
Live long and prosper.


  1. those look like some awesome phasers! good job, bubs!!
    the boys look so cool, the black collars added a good touch.

  2. awesome! a good job was done by all! and they were awfully proud of those phasers! they really do look like trekies!

  3. This had me laughing! I love it! Adrienne and Samuel would have loved to join them in the hunt for items to make them - as they like to regularly make 'guns' out of anything and everything. What fun to let the imagination run!
    The last photo shocked me though. Brandon is really growing up! Wow!

  4. really great job everyone!!
    you look sooo good!!
    very impressive!!
    wonderful family!!
    Love to all!!

  5. you guys are so fun. i LOVED all of your shirts.


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