Monday, August 15, 2011

the fragrance of home

A lone candle flickered on the dresser.
Before I even stepped through the doorway,
I was enveloped by the faint scent
of raspberries.
Or rather, Colonial Candles of Cape Cod's
of raspberries.
And for just a second,
I could've sworn I was walking through the front door
in our Fort Smith home.
Once upon a time,
in a life far, far away,
and we had a nearly endless supply of scented wax.
Raspberry was Tyler's favorite fragrance,
(Spiced Plum was mine)
so I was sure to keep plenty of those on hand.
Every most work-days,
Tyler would arrive home
to find a candle (usually raspberry) burning on the stair post.
(oh, how I loved those stairs!)
He said when he pulled into the drive
and saw the flicker of light,
he knew all was right 
in our home.
My mom always ran to make the bed if it hadn't been made yet
as my dad was pulling up the drive;
we ran to light the candle.
It wasn't on the stair post
and he sure couldn't see it from the drive,
but this evening
 I lit one of our few remaining raspberry tealights
to welcome Tyler home.
I hadn't expected it to welcome me home, too.


  1. Ahhh... I remember the scent. :-)
    My first memories of you and your wonderful family revolved around your candles that were throughout the house.

  2. spiced plum was my favorite, too
    You were a very good candle lady! You did have candles everywhere and most were lit!
    It did smell wonderful!! I still have some I've rationed.


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